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Full text of "Deed, Ruggles Woodbridge to William Morton, 1802"

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■ f '' 

To all People to whom thefe Prefents fliall come : Greeting. 

For and in confideration of the Sum of tfi*^<^l4-i..J^^y^finri^j J^,^-^ >^//^. / 
current Money of the Comnion wealth aforefaid, to '^. /n<_' inHand, paid before 

riie enfealing hereof, by f^^^ Yl^'r-t , ^ //Z^-* /^ *- a/ y^ //tZc/ l^^ ^-i - ** ■—■ 


the receipt whereof t^ do hereby acknowledge and /L,. -^ 

fully fatisfied, contented, and paid, HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, aliened, releafed, con- 
veyed and confirnned and by thefe Prefents, do freely, clearly and abfoiutely give, grant, b.argain, 
fell, aliene, releale, convey and confirm, unto A*-^ — the faid A'//'^<:>'^ — - 

/ , •, Heirs and Afligns forever, 

,//f. ./...-.. 'Z.j'/j-'-'^'-f''-^ "^"-7 '-^'- '2'-^"^^ i,, 

- / / rl . fl, / . O A 9 / - / 


TO HAVE AND TO HOi^DSthe before granted Premifes, with the- Appurtenances anc 
Privileges thereto belonging, to / . C — the fa'.d U^ilU^^ — . ^..^ -V A^ / 

Heirs and A ^Tigns : To 


nu -'u^iia . iu /t.*-"/ and ptZi c f ~ own proper Ufe, Benefit and 

forevermore, And // the faid /l<t.f^tc:^ y^^ ■'*«^/'^*//> /. v,. 

Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, do covenant, Promife and gratft unto and with the faid 

/t^y/tJ-m.— ,f/ Ac// Heirs, and affigns forever. That before 

and until the enfealing hereof ^ /* » - — the true, ible, proper and lawful Owner and 

- Poffelfor of the before- granted Premifes, with the appurtenances. And have in ^'": y/^{/ 

good Right, full Power and lawful Authority to give, grant, bargain, fell, alisme, ile'Ieafe 
convey and confirm, the fame as aforefaid ; and that free and clear, and freely and clearly execut- 
ed, acquitted and difcharged of and from ail former and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafe^,. 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joyntures, Dowries, Thirds, Executions, and Incumbrances whatloevcr. 

AND FURTHERMORE, / the faid /hy^^y 

Heirs, Executors and Adminiltrators, do hereby Covenant, P 

for /» Ly,< /j p- f- •- V 

and Engige ^e befor^i 

rem lie 
the faid 

..£,age the Detore%ranted Premifes, with the appu'-tenances, unto a»*-^ 

U*c//t^*^ — , f A^'/ Heirs, and Affigns forever to Warrant, Secure and Defend rgalyift 

the lawful Claims and Demands of any perfon or perlbns whatfoever. In Witnefs whereof ^^ 

have hereunto fet h--/ Hand and Seal, this >%« /7i-/g-; day of 

//utt C i" the Year ofourXord, one thoufand eight Hundred /i^ ^ J^t^d^ 

Signed, fealed, and delivered, in prefence of 




/^ /■ 





. /^ > < -qf^r<7 








^^ X2. .A^ ... /€^— ^ ^ -5^ 

^*-^-^ ^^--^*^*-<L/zc,4y